Pop of Blue Accents SS15


Black and beige are the classic staple colors for sure, but I have always considered blue to be one of the top candidates to complement the staples. Blue, being the color of denim has a natural home in the staple closet and has always showed up in one tone or another on the runway.

Spring/Summer 2015 is no exception, and this season’s shades of blue range from almost turquoise (scuba blue) to beautifully saturated “classic blue” which surprisingly has made it feel updated and fun again (classic blue has a tendency to appear in a marine setting which I think has gone and come back one time too many). This inspires lovely new combos of blue where the shades can be mixed and matched in an endless number of trendy combos as well as worn as a pop accent on shoes or handbags.

Below we’ve collected a number of examples where these shades of blue can be found on the runway and on the high street. As you can see it pairs beautifully with darker shades of blue, classic white summer pieces, light gray and even matt deep red lip tones. So dont be afraid to pick it up in your makeup!

I’ll wear blue as a splash of color with a clutch, or in a funky t-shirt print with some black pants or jeans. I’m also keen to see if I can find a summer sandal with a dusty blue contrast color. I’ll keep you posted!

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AW/14 Color Trend! ‘Aluminum’


Aluminum is a color that shifts, that is why it is a versatile and perfect color to propose for fall!
I personally love all shades of grey and matte metallics which i saw everywhere on the runway for fall 14′.
Especially in knits, although this time i saw a lot of matte metallics and shifting aluminum colors in leathers which I found very exciting being a true leather fan after all.
This will be one of those staple colors to have in your closet that won’t budge through out the seasons, so hold on to your nudes over the winter and splurge on those staple darker shades that you will have forever!

Stay tuned for more.. #reloadevolvetrends

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