Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2016


Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest LV collection is nothing short of an art show, watching the models float along the runway lining the pool of the gorgeous John Lautner Palm Springs mansion. Ghesquière had apparently laid eyes on the location 15 years ago coming up the driveway at magic hour. A first impression that last.

“The paradox of the brutalism of the architecture and the refinement of the interior was quite inspiring to me, I love the idea of sweet and hard at the same time.” – Nicholas Ghesquière

Naturally, this shines through in the clothes that compliment the building in a sweet and hard way showing classic sweeping shapes and feminine patterns with strong contrasting details in leather, sturdy metal finished off with futuristic sneakers, desert boots and sandal flats. Waist short leather jackets, flowy pants and blousy crop tops.

Colors take inspiration from the surrounding nature with warm desert beige tones, cold night silky black, suede blue, evergreen moss tones, rattlesnake patent patterns, perforated leather in short shorts and maxi gowns and rusty hues paired with shiny silks that reflect the stunning sunset. Patterns reflect the Palm Springs ever present 50’s as well as a native american vibe in everything from sequins to quilted puffer jackets.

NG’s work for LV is starting to form a little signature style with the recurring zippers from his first collection and the suede colorblocking. But the experimental designer never fails to bring the next level of contrast and innovation showing futuristic jacket shapes and fabrics with romantic, classic movement and femininity. Happy to say this is a stunning and inspirational collection.

To apply this style to your everyday life, dig out your leather pants (should not be deep in the closet), find a patterned blouse (probably cotton blend) with a feminine collar or sleeve and add a statement leather belt. Maybe you have invested in one of those lovely suede jackets this season? Pair that with lightweight, wide leg pants or a maxi skirt and you’ll be right and ready for the weekend. We’ll definitely give it a go!

With love from Cali, RE x

NG LV 1 NG LV 2 NG LV 3 NG LV 4 NG LV 5 NG LV 6 NG LV 7 NG LV 8 NG LV 9 NG LV 10 NG LV 12 NV LG 11



Pop of Blue Accents SS15


Black and beige are the classic staple colors for sure, but I have always considered blue to be one of the top candidates to complement the staples. Blue, being the color of denim has a natural home in the staple closet and has always showed up in one tone or another on the runway.

Spring/Summer 2015 is no exception, and this season’s shades of blue range from almost turquoise (scuba blue) to beautifully saturated “classic blue” which surprisingly has made it feel updated and fun again (classic blue has a tendency to appear in a marine setting which I think has gone and come back one time too many). This inspires lovely new combos of blue where the shades can be mixed and matched in an endless number of trendy combos as well as worn as a pop accent on shoes or handbags.

Below we’ve collected a number of examples where these shades of blue can be found on the runway and on the high street. As you can see it pairs beautifully with darker shades of blue, classic white summer pieces, light gray and even matt deep red lip tones. So dont be afraid to pick it up in your makeup!

I’ll wear blue as a splash of color with a clutch, or in a funky t-shirt print with some black pants or jeans. I’m also keen to see if I can find a summer sandal with a dusty blue contrast color. I’ll keep you posted!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 08.22.1797cb2e4f5bbfcfb0554a34f47740a7c995436f17d2768f723a1a738f7354f451bf78ace384a291abef190654a0043671d99eedf9b903fbf932415771e6ce7a2790a95a31a06b970616f51d39ce15756f9f6b3201edd656552554c705ea3287fd 3163b9d4b9c4e39b5f4bbbd065c34bcb35d5bf5868e200d6c528ade0cb4185820c7c3a42f1178592a7c21b6e3837009e059b2f2447d72d6c629ea3c12274903de05c172144f020fb834c5043d413c13201f8b4526b18a86471cf600003fe6d06dd34a03306cc9ea1f9995c624bfa6f96bc0494b605bb5d96f965ac2423a3b705f798c714000d0984408e0f317371f9870bae66f3cd7a62923ee23950668f0da81afd956826d54c2b1e9195966557d1ab



Let’s make one thing clear, the resort collections this time around is all about the 70’s!
High waisted trousers with a signature flare covering the shoes were almost in every major premium designers collection, along with safari-style fitted jackets with buckles and clasps. At Gucci prints were almost upholstery looking with vines and lillies in beautiful ecru and pastel greens on over-the-knee wide skirt dresses. Pastels in all colours were everywhere and mixed with geometric prints at Louis Vuitton and Alexander Lewis although made appropriate and wearable for their modern day client.
We found that two of the most well known designers of mankind (Fendi and LV) played the retro card with a modern twist for their resort collections, adding slightly new shapes to appeal to their top of the line customer, and to inspire with a very interesting colour play.
I am looking forward to explaining more in detail how we will be seeing this in the early spring, but most of all how I adapt this look myself!

Alexander Lewis RST 2015
Gucci RST 2015
Fendi RST 2015
Fendi_012_1366.1366x2048 Fendi_011_1366.1366x2048
Stella McCartney RST 2015
Stella_McCartney_022_1366.1366x2048 Stella_McCartney_017_1366.1366x2048 Stella_McCartney_019_1366.1366x2048
(Nicholas Ghesquiere) Louis Vuitton RST 2015
AL1R0675.1366x2048 AL1R0509.1366x2048 AL1R0470.1366x2048 AL1R0084.1366x2048 AL1R0054.1366x2048


fe72805980048dec248f2327ff34b9235c21995c47e3a9b80341c94def2ea2d5f31e7c43559fc99a8746bcb6f85f6fff51521254dd215244330639c7603ced97960f605734f0bf2885e28be52804eb96cc2ae85a11cee231e98c35af46e5937fa74df2fcaf32aa6c85ce20051f87f85b ecbac81f1f0137a1b26614a94d1d74db 07590d259cd270b0c2e4ae5d7794a323



I used to look up to a handful of models growing up, and one of the most frequently watched was Gemma Ward. Between 2004 and 2008 she was everywhere. Not one Prada, Valentino, Versace, Wang or Balenciaga show was put on without her opening it! And now, she is back in the game after taking a well-deserved break spending time with her boyfriend and having a baby back in her home land of Australia.
The first reason for Gemma’s break from modelling (which was the topic of conversation in every fashion blog) was to focus more on acting, which later lead to a break from the industry all together after the tragic death of her ex boyfriend Heath Ledger.
However, Gemma has recharged and is making a spectacular comeback by opening the Prada SS15 show during Milan FW and she is already gracing the December issue of Vogue Australia.
We are absolutely thrilled to see her back on the runway and we know that we will see so much more of her in the new year.
Go Gemma!





003_i55633_gemma-ward-for-valentino-ad-campaign-2006-photo-shoot-007-733x1024imagesl-kjp8wPMuAE1XAiIHbal 20042242f53e46f08194cffa_Sep_2007_Dior




Long, flowing lace skirts and sheer, second skin like dresses roamed the runways around the world for fall/winter 2014. Although most of them seem more fit for the red carpet or a photo shoot, there’s no reason not get inspired by the vintage silhouettes,  romantic textures and colors. Fall/Winter 2014 brings earthy glamour and jewel tones as well as edgy patterns and soft romantic movement. We find this one of the greatest trends for fall and have put together a few suggestions on how you can take it to the streets.


Alexander McQueen / Burberry Prorsum / Elie Saab

Runway to StreetPictures: Style.com


Candela Crawley & Zimmerman / French Connection / HM & Alice by Temperly

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.38.35 PMShoes: Miu Miu / Zara / Alexander Wang
Bag / Shawl / Belt: Fendi / Louis Vuitton / Saint LaurentDolce & Gabbana Vintage