Block Party – Fall 15′ Influences



I don’t think a “trend” could be any clearer for Fall 2015. Color blocking has never been so prominent in the fall collections this time around and the combinations are very on point!

The 60’s has taken a stronger seat in in the house now since all that 70’s we have seen all over spring. But this time it is very colorful!¬†Not just the typical “fall jewel tones” that we usually see for the holiday seasons but actual candy rainbow blocks on sophisticated silhouettes.

I Personally tend to avoid this block party (not an actual one ūüėČ because it can go so wrong if you don’t get it right! However now that almost every designer will be launching this trend this fall it should be impossible to fail at it.
Furthermore, here are some of our favorites so far!

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“Look Of The Week” – Earth Tones


When living in constant warm climate, You can’t really help but long for that colder weather sometimes and the opportunity to wear layers with¬†one of those amazing wool coats that have shown¬†on so many runways for the fall collections recently.
I decided that since I had loads of travel plans for the early spring and summer that I should definitely invest in a new coat. The one I am wearing here is a wool coat from Sandro in a deep navy blue that I got on sale from their last AW Collection. 
It is the perfect length for a coat and has¬†no lining so you can label it the “LA winter coat” given its simple thin and light design.
I¬†wanted to tone down the colours a bit, so we went for a tan leather dress paired¬†with the¬†navy coat in this “look of the week”, keeping the colors earth-toned, and adding a little edge with some¬†black lace-up shoes to the sophisticated elements of the look.
We are usually very intrigued by a lot of color and pattern play for my personal looks, but I just love a well thought out classic outfit, especially if you are excited by a new investment piece and find great ways of styling it!

Coat 1Coat 5 Coat 8 - Detail Coat 3Coat 2

Zara // Sandro // River Island // Wolford



Let’s make one thing clear, the resort collections this time around is all about the 70’s!
High waisted trousers with a signature flare covering the shoes were almost in every major premium designers collection, along with safari-style fitted jackets with buckles and clasps. At Gucci prints were almost upholstery looking with vines and lillies in beautiful ecru and pastel greens on over-the-knee wide skirt dresses. Pastels in all colours were everywhere and mixed with geometric prints at Louis Vuitton and Alexander Lewis although made appropriate and wearable for their modern day client.
We found that two of the most well known designers of mankind (Fendi and LV) played the retro card with a modern twist for their resort collections, adding slightly new shapes to appeal to their top of the line customer, and to inspire with a very interesting colour play.
I am looking forward to explaining more in detail how we will be seeing this in the early spring, but most of all how I adapt this look myself!

Alexander Lewis RST 2015
Gucci RST 2015
Fendi RST 2015
Fendi_012_1366.1366x2048 Fendi_011_1366.1366x2048
Stella McCartney RST 2015
Stella_McCartney_022_1366.1366x2048 Stella_McCartney_017_1366.1366x2048 Stella_McCartney_019_1366.1366x2048
(Nicholas Ghesquiere) Louis Vuitton RST 2015
AL1R0675.1366x2048 AL1R0509.1366x2048 AL1R0470.1366x2048 AL1R0084.1366x2048 AL1R0054.1366x2048


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