Block Party – Fall 15′ Influences



I don’t think a “trend” could be any clearer for Fall 2015. Color blocking has never been so prominent in the fall collections this time around and the combinations are very on point!

The 60’s has taken a stronger seat in in the house now since all that 70’s we have seen all over spring. But this time it is very colorful!¬†Not just the typical “fall jewel tones” that we usually see for the holiday seasons but actual candy rainbow blocks on sophisticated silhouettes.

I Personally tend to avoid this block party (not an actual one ūüėČ because it can go so wrong if you don’t get it right! However now that almost every designer will be launching this trend this fall it should be impossible to fail at it.
Furthermore, here are some of our favorites so far!

colorblock 1772d7db4803fce4c3a3935e88ca81042d22289eb44c84f507a9a5b94cfb21b21e5758e23c47965c44fcea13fd99a94fc5dce53e4d30d05695dee5d6629b793e41763eeb1133d758d004334a3cbfaa3391687c13d8cc1a30499eba270ab58cb72colorblock2be3beb97a5cd1d33f9f92e59f030648ee60ef23db2ec93f11b45c16b7a373fee0bae66f3cd7a62923ee23950668f0da875eb2083b81abe82464d18ba6edb6290f6624a0ab52fe8f43f0ccc9564abf699




We are now on the third out of Four series of color charts for spring/summer 2015 and  you can start to see where darker shades are starting to go.
The three most dominant colours are the teal blue’s in this chart¬†but they are all in different “cast” from each other. The casts of the colours are divided into the major three mixing colours: yellow, red, blue and grey. It indicates¬†that if a blue is “yellow casted” it will have more green character and fall under the “teal” family of blues, and so will the grey casted if they are light enough to change color without turning to dark and then fall under “saturated” hues.
The grey pantone plays a big part as a “blue” casted grey and a “shade”¬†(a no-colour)¬†in layering pieces and in a lot of stripes. But since grey is a pretty “safe” shade it will be seen mostly in solids.
The red’s and brown’s in this family are the “warm” colours¬†of the chart and they are both yellow casted. These will become essential for this season in a lot of embellishments and embroideries and will most definitely make great prints. We have already seen some amazing pieces on the runways to inspire us for our spring vacations, events and weddings for the summer months!
Enjoy our third direction for spring!

Lenzing-SS-2015-Women-L 310177516_905808169451892_449004497099353881_ntealandrust96987df943a92d4a2a82f6554c7a20e3c5040d49525e97f907f0c28b917690e3c880c81e47e7b3428345c4c3382edbaf7d529989129aba5027d29faab53f3f5c059056997403bab69a69b356158f8da1fba449060f51220fa114aede409686909419cd2745fb086d455d5cfb0761ca346c8f0f77988130398fa68503bbdcfcb85179be583e1ff7828e0ba4acbb52cae4

The earthy rusty tones in this chart are emphasised in fabrics like plush velvets, silk, chiffon  and linens for this season. There are several shades of rusty and plum reds and some are presented in iridescent fabrics, however I firmly believe we will see this combination of reds in dramatic prints and layers this season.

6c9bdf66d828350e855572e06c85753aRUST1Cara Delevingne for Oxygen Boutique Lookbook (Spring-Summer 2011) photo shoot87d4b1c0313ed4facff90b93fb99e6870a84c31cb7a114a158cfab4af8370effbaa6fe4041f363f13e235e3dc5c698e877107357b4269ff123b73bfd2d9c8ce70f6901dcfd67738b6c525877809ea685c0a8007f7ab11ae5fe5a7787b63302ab




10636330_865793096786733_5615111572795197627_n  This cold and dusky month on November, we have let ourselves get inspired by the vibrant and colourful fashions of the 80s that are coming up for this spring. I wanted to be bold for my own interpretation of this look by mixing two shades of fuchsia and a teal green. 
When playing around with colors like this, I always like to make sure that one color is slightly more somber (toned down) than the one you combine it with. You don’t want to look like you are trying to stop traffic or glow in the dark, just making a fashion statement or that you are rolling with the trendsetters out there!
I was also widely inspired by street looks from the fashion weeks of Milan and Paris.

Pink Cashmere Sweater J Crew // Teal green pencil skirt F21 // Pink suede flats Jenny Kayne // Black cat-eye sunglasses House of Harlow.

Street, Blogger and Runway Inspirations LFW-Spring-Summer-SS-14-2014-London-Fashion-Week-New-York-Paris-Milan-Somerset-House-Diary-How-to-get-invites-shows-burberry-mulberry-BFC-british-fashion-council-street-style-best-of-glam-media-trevor-sorbie-hashtags-peacocks-Elle-Yeah-Elodie-Russo-9 The-Many-Bags-of-Celebrities-at-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2015-20Chiara Ferragni at Milan Fashion Week SS15.Dior Parisfw2014 diormainlisa_2837825aChristian Dior SS15.Sydne-Style-New-York-fashion-week-street-style-lincoln-center-blue-jumpsuit-bebe-american-hustle-70s-inspired-fashion-faux-fur-hot-pink-trend85dea3eb59f871e78cc40f8a4d549e06Paris Fashion Week street style SS15.



One of the most favoured and sought after beauty looks is the ever so lovely “au¬†natural” look.
I have seen a very vast amount of fresh faced looks of the runways this season, and we are looking at a very bare look for spring/summer 2015.
Luckily, there are ways to copy these looks without putting yourself through life changing obstacles and hours at the dermatologist. A very spoken about product is the Sisley “black rose” mask and anti aging serum that is supposed to work wonders within only a few days use! Also, using their intensive day cream with botanical extracts¬†you will start to see a very rosy and “fresh faced” look within days.

Another more affordable way¬†to achieve this look is to try a simple rose water spray from the brand “Heritage Store”. Their rose product contains Vor-Mag water that¬†has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that is¬†more beneficial.stay-healthy-immunity-boosting-tips_06DSC_0351Chloe’ SS15002__MIC4640 021__MIC4822 027__MIC4728Balmain SS15.karlie-kloss028__MIC2969023__MIC2847006__MIC2752Alexander Wang SS15beauty-look-at-alexander-wang-spring-2015makeup-look-at-alexander-wang-ss15sheer-nails-at-alexander-wang-ss15wet-looking-ponytails-by-Redken-at-Alexander-Wang-ss15

I personally recommend to wash up with an organic option for an ultimate result.
These soaps from “DrBronner” work magic on¬†all skin types.drbronnersoap

SS15 TREND ALERT; WHITE SUITING – From the City to the Beach


One of the most obvious elements of the Spring/Summer seasons are the whites, and this time I have coveted a somewhat nautical/structured suiting style from NYFW as well as LFW.
Trousers are somewhat wider at the bottom, cropped in coulottes, and in full wide length worn with sky-high heels. The more casual take on white suiting is presented in a shorter version on the city streets with a button up white shirt or wide sleeve t-shirt. Half-way tucked in. Stay tuned for my own versions of this style!

10698655_834325949933448_7173268906866352935_n JWA_0387 NCK_2677 _AG18026 PRI_0102 AA2X0099main.original.585x0-1 main.original.585x0-3 main.original.585x0