Pop of Blue Accents SS15


Black and beige are the classic staple colors for sure, but I have always considered blue to be one of the top candidates to complement the staples. Blue, being the color of denim has a natural home in the staple closet and has always showed up in one tone or another on the runway.

Spring/Summer 2015 is no exception, and this season’s shades of blue range from almost turquoise (scuba blue) to beautifully saturated “classic blue” which surprisingly has made it feel updated and fun again (classic blue has a tendency to appear in a marine setting which I think has gone and come back one time too many). This inspires lovely new combos of blue where the shades can be mixed and matched in an endless number of trendy combos as well as worn as a pop accent on shoes or handbags.

Below we’ve collected a number of examples where these shades of blue can be found on the runway and on the high street. As you can see it pairs beautifully with darker shades of blue, classic white summer pieces, light gray and even matt deep red lip tones. So dont be afraid to pick it up in your makeup!

I’ll wear blue as a splash of color with a clutch, or in a funky t-shirt print with some black pants or jeans. I’m also keen to see if I can find a summer sandal with a dusty blue contrast color. I’ll keep you posted!

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Welcome to our last color forecast for this season. We would like to say that we saved the best for last, but I love all of the seasons combinations equally and It just happen to go from light to dark this time.

These colours are more saturated but in a grey cast so they are cold, and therefore will look really great in our spring outerwear and leather goods and accessories. Even the pink has a grey tone to it which makes it more sophisticated and settle than a lot of neon pink you usually see for the spring seasons. Last season Blues were yellow casted and loud, now they have become more toned down and somber for SS15, which is something I have always preferred when styling, mostly because I don’t like too much contrast. Even though this color palette seem very dark for spring it all makes sense when you look at the runway and the couture shows where we get our main inspiration from. I will link back to this color series when I write our accessories report!

Stay tuned! Re.

Lenzing-SS-2015-Women-L 4 old pink collage

Pantone 19-3907-TPX and 18-3710 TPX “Forged Iron” and “Grey Ridge”

grey inspo
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Pantone 19-3717 TPX “Plum”

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Pantone 18-3945-TPX “Amparo Blue”

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 Sty tuned for Pre-Fall!



When the holidays come around, time seems to immediately go out the window. So gift guides come in well handy as inspiration for us here at RE. I’ve always had wish lists down to my feet with options, however what we wanted to do differently this time around was to keep it short and sweet with the best and hottest pieces!
The flatlay of ideas is filled with highly desirable gifts (maybe a little out of the average price range, more inspiration focused). Everyone has a few of the “out of reach” pieces on their list, don’t they? Here at RE we pride ourselves on finding great alternatives for you. So, without further ado – if our first gift guide didn’t help you through the christmas shopping jungle, maybe this one will! RE x


Tech gadgets available at www.urbanoutfitters.com
390529666a5c1dc9a259bf391cae8bba 2d3ba3a247db597b3007e7f8af2475c3
Alexander Wang ashtray $95 and playing cards $55  www.alexanderwang.com
Made Well Scarf http://www.madewell.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs $25 at www.marbymarcjacobs.com
stelladot.com 19dlrs
Gold bracelet $19 from www.stelladot.com
The American States in gold from Fifth&Mae.
Safe choice.. Balenciaga giant stud bracelets $225 -$250  www.balenciaga.com/us
Last but not least I had to add this cork globe. Im not sure exactly who I would buy this for but It just looks amazing to me ❤
Find this gem at www.amazon.com

Cheerful Wishes! Re.



INSPIRED by the editors ever evolving style and our previous style stealer post we thought we couldn’t ignore what a wonderful gift guide muse Carine would be! Below we’ve listed some of her favourite, super classic pieces like the black leather pencil skirt, her signature YSL scent “Opium” and gold RayBan pilot sunnies as well as her epic coffee table book which is nothing short of a visual history of her fearless career. A must-have for those interested in cutting-edge fashion and femininity and a really dreamy Christmas gift. Enjoy & happy shopping! RE x

Left: Gianvito Rossi / Miu Miu / RayBan / Givenchy / YSL / Nina Ricci
Right: Irreverent / Alexander Wang / Giorgio Armani / Equipment

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 6.14.52 PM



This week, we let ourselves get inspired by Karolina Kurkova’s super sleek and minimalistic “off duty” style. 

We wanted to focus on a model and getting to know her style, although we wanted it to transpire with a current look, which is why we choose the essential “winter pastels” that has become a staple way of dressing for the winter months. It conveniently just (reload) evolves through time and comes back again in a new light and shape every year, so I would recommend getting that light pink or grey wool coat on a christmas sale this year.
Karolina wears a mid-length wool coat with a skinny jean or leather legging as an essential travel outfit in the winter months as she jets around the world on a regular basis for work.

10461743_875621935803849_4570479555562786581_nKurkova mix



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