Look of the day – “Denim & Culottes”


As I have mentioned here before, I truly love both denim and culottes separately.
More often now that the weather is a bit unstable in LA I bring a denim shirt with me everywhere I go. I have about 5 now.
My favourite at the moment is a distressed oversized shirt i got from paige. It runs really big but doesn’t loose structure for anything!
I felt that I needed to make this denim shirt look a bit more sophisticated in this grab-and-go look of the day, hence why I paired it with my black silk Celine culottes and snakeskin Loubutins.
I usually never wear Loubutins as I think there are so many other great shoe brands out there right now. But for this occasion I really felt like clashing elegant with super casual.
Another look that I sometimes go for is the sexy casual denim outfit. It usually looks somewhat like this;
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 16.00.38

Knowing that I am also a great fan of Acne Studios, I am in love with these low bamboo-heels I found on my trip to Sweden earlier this year. They are super comfortable and looks great with my essential pieces.
I dont like to put too much effort into dressing unless I am going to an opening or a party or something. Effortless is key. But I have my moments where I like to dress like I was hosting the Oscars! Im off to a meeting now! See you this weekend 🙂
DSC_9294 DSC_9288DSC_9238

Celine + ripped denim = Client!



Back from travels + inspiration of the week!


After just over a week of traveling to Stockholm and Amsterdam to seek inspiration, we have now landed to gather everything we collected during our time away.
We wanted to get inspired post all the fashion week madness and we are so happy to be back to report on some new trends coming our way this fall, especially after stopping by the home country of Sweden to see some familiar faces as well.
Meanwhile, back in LA our new website has been in the works for us and we are beyond excited to get our hands on the last tweaks this week so we can get ready for our new launch as soon as possible!
A lot has happened in a short space of time, but you have to start somewhere when things are piling up!

Much Love // Re.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 17.38.20tumblr_nmcsgr04SO1u0jhn8o1_1280



Stay tuned for some major looks!



The reason why I chose grey and cream for this weeks outfit inspiration is mainly because of how great these shades go together. Nudes combined with light shades (the grey scale from white to black) go very well together without the contrast from black or colours, and therefore it is easy to put something together! I like to combine different rich materials such as Mohair and cashmere or wool and alpaca together for an organic look and feel. Layer these fibres with a cotton t-shirt and/or denim and throw in some leather details for complete the look. Stay tuned for my own version of this look!


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With love from your trusted source, Re.



It is now officially that time of year to bring out the never-going-out-of-style plaid scarf, cape, shirt or whatever you are storing in the back of your closets. I have about 11 different plaid shirts and scarfs laying around at home, waiting to be adorned when the cold finally hits our city. This year, the plaid shirt has been on pretty much every celebrity and bloggers hips tied low to channel that careless boho look on jeans and leggings all over town. However, there are more ways to wear it! My safest bet in time for the holidays will be a skin tight plaid pencil skirt with a solid black or navy turtle neck. Though for just a super cool northern English/Scottish look I’d keep it short and sweet with a mini in two colours with a white t-shirt or a big nude knit.

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