Look of the day – “Denim & Culottes”


As I have mentioned here before, I truly love both denim and culottes separately.
More often now that the weather is a bit unstable in LA I bring a denim shirt with me everywhere I go. I have about 5 now.
My favourite at the moment is a distressed oversized shirt i got from paige. It runs really big but doesn’t loose structure for anything!
I felt that I needed to make this denim shirt look a bit more sophisticated in this grab-and-go look of the day, hence why I paired it with my black silk Celine culottes and snakeskin Loubutins.
I usually never wear Loubutins as I think there are so many other great shoe brands out there right now. But for this occasion I really felt like clashing elegant with super casual.
Another look that I sometimes go for is the sexy casual denim outfit. It usually looks somewhat like this;
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 16.00.38

Knowing that I am also a great fan of Acne Studios, I am in love with these low bamboo-heels I found on my trip to Sweden earlier this year. They are super comfortable and looks great with my essential pieces.
I dont like to put too much effort into dressing unless I am going to an opening or a party or something. Effortless is key. But I have my moments where I like to dress like I was hosting the Oscars! Im off to a meeting now! See you this weekend ūüôā
DSC_9294 DSC_9288DSC_9238

Celine + ripped denim = Client!



“Look Of The Week” – Earth Tones


When living in constant warm climate, You can’t really help but long for that colder weather sometimes and the opportunity to wear layers with¬†one of those amazing wool coats that have shown¬†on so many runways for the fall collections recently.
I decided that since I had loads of travel plans for the early spring and summer that I should definitely invest in a new coat. The one I am wearing here is a wool coat from Sandro in a deep navy blue that I got on sale from their last AW Collection. 
It is the perfect length for a coat and has¬†no lining so you can label it the “LA winter coat” given its simple thin and light design.
I¬†wanted to tone down the colours a bit, so we went for a tan leather dress paired¬†with the¬†navy coat in this “look of the week”, keeping the colors earth-toned, and adding a little edge with some¬†black lace-up shoes to the sophisticated elements of the look.
We are usually very intrigued by a lot of color and pattern play for my personal looks, but I just love a well thought out classic outfit, especially if you are excited by a new investment piece and find great ways of styling it!

Coat 1Coat 5 Coat 8 - Detail Coat 3Coat 2

Zara // Sandro // River Island // Wolford



After a few days of traveling in search of inspiration for the new forecast season, we have returned and I am channeling my inner boho chic side here with a print against a solid grey. 
Through our travels we have uncovered some magnificent prints and color combinations and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Furthermore¬†back in the present, a very “futuristic space” movement is rising upon us with iridescent fabrics, plastic and acrylic formations in accessories and trainer collaborations everywhere! As we touched on in the previous post, this is just the beginning of the season,¬†so stay tuned for more current updates right here.
Like in every forecast, these predictions tend to (reload) evolve and change slightly as the season move forward. The starwars looking trainers might take a turn into rubber loafers or the shiny jackets might turn into solid raincoats instead. However this is all a part of the job so we are indescribably excited to start the new season off with discovering the future!

In the meantime, here is my “Quick Look” of the week.

10007408_900337143332328_1201669019005545831_n Edited-9 Edited-6 Edited-7Edited-5Edited-4 Edited-3 Edited-2 Edited-1



The thought behind “Outfit 1” was to express a wintery soft and power-white look appropriate for our warm climates here on the west coast.
Ultimately I would have loved to stay heavy on the layers and add warm elements with shearling and suede, but since we are living in an evergreen environment we decided to embrace that and go for a modest yet color-right look.
I wanted to call it outfit 1 because this is my “outfit to go to” when I am in doubt. The creamy nudes with white paired with a sandal or boot with a pastel coloured carry-all works in any weather format.

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Nuff said’, How to wear culottes? It can be a bit of a challenge I have to admit. If you are tall and slim anything goes really but what about the rest of us? Being 5ft 3′ might not be the ideal height for culottes but I have never given up on a look because of my frame!
I decided to focus on how to wear this incredible “cool girl” piece in all the right ways.
Many like to think that this look makes you look shorter or stumpier, however if you focus on adding the right elements with it, you can really achieve the opposite.
I have a pair of Sandro culottes in navy that I wear to death with a nude super fine turtleneck with a very long sleeve which gives my torso a more sleek and elongated look.
Then I just add a killer pointy heel or a strappy sandal to finish off the outfit.
Some shorter culottes look their best when combined with something simple like a printed t-shirt or a crop top, which also gives you more room for footwear action like a super simple birkenstock or a classic Balenciaga brogue.
Don’t be afraid to mix!





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