The project ReloadEvolve is aspiring to be a platform where we can show how pieces that already exist in your closet today can be reloaded and evolved to fit current and upcoming trends.

We are under creative direction by trend forecaster Elin Switz, who’s undying interest in fashion and trends started when she as a 16 year old started selling fur to her fellow classmates to make some extra money during high school. The buissnes turned better than she’d ever hoped, so well that it soon turned into a designer handbag consignment and then into fashion consultancies and eventually fashion college in New York.

Instantly after she got her degree she stood knocking on the doors of all the major trend forecasting agencies in New York to grab any opportunity she could get, offering to carry magazines and coffee whilst of course letting them know everything there was to know about fur and handbags.
Luckily (she’s amazing at hustling) she landed an assistant job which turned into an associate position of a trusted conceptual and creative advisor position for a company with over 30 well known licensed brands.

Today she has left time at brands like Balenciaga and Rag&Bone in London behind her to focus on her own direction.

“Being able to have a base in Los Angeles has helped me to discover more about recycling fashion and how to make something out of little or what you already have in your closet.” – Elin Switz

She’s naturally taken a position against consumerism since knowing all about how fashion re-invents its self (even within decades!).

“Which is why my voice is ‘reloadevolve’. Ever changing but ever lasting.” – Elin Switz



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