Beach Behavior


As a neat little follow up to our beach fashion inspiration we thought we’d throw our favorite beach routines in the mix. As the sun keeps shining and the draught keeps getting worse here in California we need to stay good at protecting our skin, hair and eyes from the UV-rays.

As lovely as the sun is in small doses those UV-rays can be devastating to our skin. Our best advice is to scrub and hydrate your body for a good foundation, then apply a solid layer of SPF 30 all of your body before you even leave the house. This way your skin will have an all over, basic protection that you can fill up after each dip in the ocean. Keep your shades on to protect your eyes, they get affected by the rays too and spray your hair with a heat protective spray. Your pre-curling iron juice will work excellently. Bring a good book (or the latest issue of glossy mag), chap your lips with an SPF stick (so easy to forget!) and throw a colorful towel in your beach bag (so trendy right now!).

Last, but not least. Dont forget to stay hydrated in the sun! Now you can pump your favourite summer tunes, relax and spend a day by the ocean and rest assure that you’ve done what you can to stay healthy in the blistering California sun.  Better yet, leave before mid-day or come after 3 pm when the sun is at is highest in the sky. Tan responsibly, evolve your beach outfit with accessories and reload your water bottle often.

Happy Beach! RE x

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Skin Prep Scrub//Beach Scent Body Oil//Supergoop 30+ Serum//Hawaiian Tropic 30 SPF

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Abercrombie & Fitch FlipFlops//NY Times Bestseller Novel by Liane Moriarty//Eugenia Kim Bucket HatScreen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.34.24 AM

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Multi Colored Turkish Beach TowelsScreen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.19.51 AM

Eyeshadow from RaybanScreen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.31.23 AM1 L Pastel Hydration


Summer Inspiration 2015


Happy Tuesday beautiful people! One of the superpowers of being based in Los Angeles is the absolutely gorgeous weather, temperature and closeness to miles of beautiful beaches. This weekend we took to the sand and welcomed the summer with bubbles and SPF 30 to start the new season with a gentle tan. While on the beach, scanning the latest Vogue UK editorials we came across some lush inspiration from Alexander Wangs muse and German model Anna Ewers (Vogue DE cover March 2015). The spread perfectly mirrored our feeling for beach fashion this summer giving life to blue ocean backdrops, salty hair and airy white blouses with 70s attic finds like crochet shorts and off the shoulder crop tops in rust, off-white and black lycra swimwear.

What we love about this look is the absolute ease at which you can pull it together. Who doesnt have a pair of black bikini bottoms and a white shirt? Then all you need is your farmers market tote, last years summer sandals (yes! to worn in already) and the ocean will do the rest for tan and salty hair. It will be a beautiful summer guys!

Love, RE x

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Shirt Michael Kors//Bikini Top HM//Bikini Bottoms HM//Shoes Calypso//Tote Muzungu Sistersanna-ewers-vogue-uk-june-2015-7anna-ewers-vogue-uk-june-2015-9anna-ewers-vogue-uk-june-2015-8 Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.37.35 PM

Tunic Topshop//Crochet Topshop//Hat Newlook//Bikini Bottoms Target//Shoes Derek Lam

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2016


Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest LV collection is nothing short of an art show, watching the models float along the runway lining the pool of the gorgeous John Lautner Palm Springs mansion. Ghesquière had apparently laid eyes on the location 15 years ago coming up the driveway at magic hour. A first impression that last.

“The paradox of the brutalism of the architecture and the refinement of the interior was quite inspiring to me, I love the idea of sweet and hard at the same time.” – Nicholas Ghesquière

Naturally, this shines through in the clothes that compliment the building in a sweet and hard way showing classic sweeping shapes and feminine patterns with strong contrasting details in leather, sturdy metal finished off with futuristic sneakers, desert boots and sandal flats. Waist short leather jackets, flowy pants and blousy crop tops.

Colors take inspiration from the surrounding nature with warm desert beige tones, cold night silky black, suede blue, evergreen moss tones, rattlesnake patent patterns, perforated leather in short shorts and maxi gowns and rusty hues paired with shiny silks that reflect the stunning sunset. Patterns reflect the Palm Springs ever present 50’s as well as a native american vibe in everything from sequins to quilted puffer jackets.

NG’s work for LV is starting to form a little signature style with the recurring zippers from his first collection and the suede colorblocking. But the experimental designer never fails to bring the next level of contrast and innovation showing futuristic jacket shapes and fabrics with romantic, classic movement and femininity. Happy to say this is a stunning and inspirational collection.

To apply this style to your everyday life, dig out your leather pants (should not be deep in the closet), find a patterned blouse (probably cotton blend) with a feminine collar or sleeve and add a statement leather belt. Maybe you have invested in one of those lovely suede jackets this season? Pair that with lightweight, wide leg pants or a maxi skirt and you’ll be right and ready for the weekend. We’ll definitely give it a go!

With love from Cali, RE x

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