Pop of Blue Accents SS15


Black and beige are the classic staple colors for sure, but I have always considered blue to be one of the top candidates to complement the staples. Blue, being the color of denim has a natural home in the staple closet and has always showed up in one tone or another on the runway.

Spring/Summer 2015 is no exception, and this season’s shades of blue range from almost turquoise (scuba blue) to beautifully saturated “classic blue” which surprisingly has made it feel updated and fun again (classic blue has a tendency to appear in a marine setting which I think has gone and come back one time too many). This inspires lovely new combos of blue where the shades can be mixed and matched in an endless number of trendy combos as well as worn as a pop accent on shoes or handbags.

Below we’ve collected a number of examples where these shades of blue can be found on the runway and on the high street. As you can see it pairs beautifully with darker shades of blue, classic white summer pieces, light gray and even matt deep red lip tones. So dont be afraid to pick it up in your makeup!

I’ll wear blue as a splash of color with a clutch, or in a funky t-shirt print with some black pants or jeans. I’m also keen to see if I can find a summer sandal with a dusty blue contrast color. I’ll keep you posted!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 08.22.1797cb2e4f5bbfcfb0554a34f47740a7c995436f17d2768f723a1a738f7354f451bf78ace384a291abef190654a0043671d99eedf9b903fbf932415771e6ce7a2790a95a31a06b970616f51d39ce15756f9f6b3201edd656552554c705ea3287fd 3163b9d4b9c4e39b5f4bbbd065c34bcb35d5bf5868e200d6c528ade0cb4185820c7c3a42f1178592a7c21b6e3837009e059b2f2447d72d6c629ea3c12274903de05c172144f020fb834c5043d413c13201f8b4526b18a86471cf600003fe6d06dd34a03306cc9ea1f9995c624bfa6f96bc0494b605bb5d96f965ac2423a3b705f798c714000d0984408e0f317371f9870bae66f3cd7a62923ee23950668f0da81afd956826d54c2b1e9195966557d1ab


“Look Of The Week” – Earth Tones


When living in constant warm climate, You can’t really help but long for that colder weather sometimes and the opportunity to wear layers with one of those amazing wool coats that have shown on so many runways for the fall collections recently.
I decided that since I had loads of travel plans for the early spring and summer that I should definitely invest in a new coat. The one I am wearing here is a wool coat from Sandro in a deep navy blue that I got on sale from their last AW Collection. 
It is the perfect length for a coat and has no lining so you can label it the “LA winter coat” given its simple thin and light design.
I wanted to tone down the colours a bit, so we went for a tan leather dress paired with the navy coat in this “look of the week”, keeping the colors earth-toned, and adding a little edge with some black lace-up shoes to the sophisticated elements of the look.
We are usually very intrigued by a lot of color and pattern play for my personal looks, but I just love a well thought out classic outfit, especially if you are excited by a new investment piece and find great ways of styling it!

Coat 1Coat 5 Coat 8 - Detail Coat 3Coat 2

Zara // Sandro // River Island // Wolford

360 Denim


When in doubt, I always go for denim. There are so many ways you can wear it, and denim just has this natural trend appeal how ever you choose to style it. Now that its officially ok to tie shirts around the waist for style purposes too there are even more ways to let go with those amazing denim 80’s and 70’s looks.

I really like to add some luxe elements to my denim outfits, like stacks of gold bracelets and rings. I also tend to add a lot of shoe game, especially if I am doing a double denim look, or break things off with a pair of leather trousers or a jacket.
Super easy and low risk!

Here are our favourites!



5 ss14lfw21 _AKS7543main.original.585x0


denim2tumblr_mtaj2d0PwF1qmnb4ho1_1280tumblr_n38ee82eUI1qg48d5o1_500tumblr_n6js4lKkNi1td01f3o1_1280tumblr_mzz9tln8pr1shnq38o1_500tumblr_nawcy4C38e1qga2zyo1_500main.originaltumblr_nbll1rlEqc1qc8yajo1_1280tumblr_n6wtsaJT851rx9kyko2_1280cropped and ripped


Strong Floral Game at CARVEN


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking  , a must! Let’s face it, there is no way to avoid it, and at the end of the day, the first thing we see when we are shopping is color, so happy multi-colored prints might just appeal to us really well!
Fortunately, spring is coming and we are looking at three things, what we have seen on the runway, whats on the streets and what is available in our beloved magazines.
I personally look mostly to the future and whats next (as always) but one thing that really made me stop and look were the oriental floral prints that we saw at some of our favourite designers this season.
One of them is the super strong Carven who are (if you don’t know already killing it right now.) French of course, but very innovative and forward. Some just do it ahead of time, and they are definitely one to watch for the next step in design!
“Fast, speed, vertical and linear” were the key words to describe the SS15 collection with strong Japanese influences, boxy structured handbags, sporty waves of color dashes on dresses and snake print blocks on A-line shapes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 17.32.35
carven 1carven 2

Back from travels + inspiration of the week!


After just over a week of traveling to Stockholm and Amsterdam to seek inspiration, we have now landed to gather everything we collected during our time away.
We wanted to get inspired post all the fashion week madness and we are so happy to be back to report on some new trends coming our way this fall, especially after stopping by the home country of Sweden to see some familiar faces as well.
Meanwhile, back in LA our new website has been in the works for us and we are beyond excited to get our hands on the last tweaks this week so we can get ready for our new launch as soon as possible!
A lot has happened in a short space of time, but you have to start somewhere when things are piling up!

Much Love // Re.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 17.38.20tumblr_nmcsgr04SO1u0jhn8o1_1280



Stay tuned for some major looks!