There is no color I like better than green. All varieties of it. This Fall, greens come back in more somber and saturated versions in lush fabrics like velvet, high-pile knits and heavy cable knits.
I dedicate a lot of time analyzing colors and the casts they are made in, for example a lot of colors this season are yellow and grey casted which means they aren’t a “typical grass green” but a more toned down and less obvious green.

This season the mustard/forest/emerald greens are all coming TOGETHER in single outfits and in all different fabrics! I couldn’t be happier!
Below you can see a few designers close to my heart who’s presenting it in the best ways!


I get inspired long before a new season begins, and I start to collect photographs, magazine tears, pottery and market finds to channel a feeling or mood.
This is a look that I will be grabbing on to and building outfits on as we move into fall! So stay tuned for some great ideas for all of those greens in your closet!

calivintage-571x543 localmilk-571x657




On the subject of the skater skirt and how to dress sporty in every day life we put together this outfit to show a simple and fun use of the two. The wedge sneaker gives this outfit a bit of elegance and the japanese patterned bomber jacket a sophisticated edge. The crop top and the skirt are essentially sporty but being a simple strong pink and black they conceal the sporty fabrics a bit which makes the whole thing look come together nicely. A skater skirt, a bomber jacket and a pair of wedge sneakers is all you need to pull off this look. They can be find at any second hand store and are super versatile pieces in your closet. Simply reload and evolve.

Edited-5 Edited-6Edited-9-detailEdited-11-detailMood Picture




The classic a-line skirt also known as the skater skirt is an incredibly versatile piece to have in your closet and has always stayed current on the runway. As you can see in the examples below it’s been present in designer shows 14/15 all over the world through spring, summer, fall and winter, in all fabrics, styled for all kinds of vibes. We’ve taken this ever evolving classic and put together a few super street worthy looks to rock on a night out, to your local music festival or to work. With just the switch of a shoe and a top you can go from sporty chic to the board room without ever losing your style.


Alex Perry SS15 / Jill Stuart SS14 / Saint Laurent SS14

Runway to Street - Skater Skirt


Marlene Birger / Carven / Isabel Marant Etoile Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.32.20 AMAccessories: Alexis Bittar
Bags: Balenciaga / Sandro / Saint Laurent
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi / Riccardo Tisci for Nike / Charlotte Olympia



Many people might wonder what differs Jean Charles art from his fashions, even though they are just as extravagant and remarkably different.
Jean Charles answer is simply that Art has no “function” in peoples lives, fashion does.
Fashion is directional and answers questions. It is there to protect and make people feel beautiful and therefore functional in comparison to his art that is there to inspire and to create a mystery and to make people wonder..
tumblr_inline_n0ei4bEWiO1sq9oz2tumblr_inline_n0ei4wKhFC1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ei5hXP4G1sq9oz2

Though JCs designs in this SS14 collection seems bold, it is a quite safe ensemble of creations compared to some of his previous designs (SS09′ show in Paris) where he has been massively inspired by LEGO and Disney figures.
The 2009 Fall/Winter show delivered in true Jean-Charles elements with confident and risky designs.
It is one of my favorite shows of all time.

tumblr_inline_n0ejepAM7R1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ejhvh7W81sq9oz2tumblr_inline_n0ejhenaJQ1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ejgnQgpY1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ejg3bUPo1sq9oz2

Paris Spring/Summer 2009. ‘The Lego show’

tumblr_inline_n0ekeggS2u1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ekazBATu1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ekacPq001sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0ek97p0NH1sq9oz2

Stay tuned for more from this designer!



JC De Castelbajac, mostly famous for his rebellious designs is a multi-talent who knows his art as a painter and a live artist.
In his latest exhibition he showcases “The Ghosts of Eden” which takes place at the actual Eden Rock in St Barths.
He talks about his own “ghosts” and how he wanted to evoke the link between the ghosts of his childhood, Innocence and the friends that he’s lost along the way.
He feels closer to the invisible and the things he’s never known, and says it is all about the accident.

tumblr_inline_n0azxfpqXU1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0b1f3azlf1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0b1ghvViu1sq9oz2 tumblr_inline_n0b1h1vgJZ1sq9oz2

Jean-Charles or JC/DC as he likes to sign his work as started out early as a true artist.
Already when he was 6 years old he started drawing on pavements and walls with chalk,
and soon became very inspired by Keith Harings iconic artwork.
Keith Harings work is unnoticeably recognizable by most today with his simple yet expressive illustrations and drawings and JCs was especially fascinated by his “subway art”.


Jean Charles started off drawing angels and faces on walls himself describing it
as “friendly grafitti” all over Paris.